Visi, Misi dan Tujuan MMFEUA

Program Studi Magister Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Andalas membentuk individu yang berkualitas dengan keahlian dan keterampilan manajemen berbasis akademik yang kuat dan dibina oleh tenaga pengajar dan praktisi yang profesional dan terpercaya

VISION :“To be acknowledged and trusted business school in ASEAN in 2024 through enhancing business knowledge towards sustainable business practices”.



  1. Conducting business and management with international quality and standards to equip students with the latest knowledge, attitude, and high integrity.
  2. Conducting applied research and innovative basic/fundamental research in business and management that provide up-to-date solutions and improve the competitiveness of sustainable organizations.
  3. Organizing community service by applying relevant theories and business models to address organizational problems effectively and efficiently.


the Educational Objectives are constructed as follows:

  • EO 1 : Generating graduates with superior attitude, knowledge, managerial competence, and other competencies, ethics, integrity, and ability to compete globally.
  • EO 2 : Generating scientific publications, applied research and innovative basic research to address management and business issues facing the organization and help management improve sustainable competitiveness
  • EO 3 : Generating community service that is relevant to the needs of the company/organization to help solve problems and spur the growth of the company/organization in the future
  • EO 4 : Increasing mutual and beneficial cooperation and partnerships with various parties such as industry, government, and universities at the national and international level.


Intended Learning outcomes (ILO) of our study program, including:

  • ILO-1 : The ability to implement business simulation in making optimal business decisions.
  • ILO-2 : The ability to analyze internal and external business environments in making managerial decisions.
  • ILO-3 : The ability to choose the state of art research method to solve company and institution problems
  • ILO-4 : The ability to implement applied business research method
  • ILO-5 : The ability to identify the global environment and its impact on business decision
  • ILO-6 : The ability to measure the potential impact on business functions
  • ILO-7 : The ability to identify the relevant ethical issue for managerial decision making
  • ILO-8 : The ability to simulate ethical issues in business simulation.
  • ILO-9: The ability to have sufficient IT capability to create and deliver superior value to the customer
  • ILO-10 : The ability to adopt IT for business model transformation in this disruptive competition
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